Climate Change Review

The Climate Change Review involves the identification, analysis and measurement of the potential effects of climate change and associated legislation on your sector and your business.

  • Identify and, where possible, quantify the impacts of climate change specific to your business
    - Direct effects from changing weather
    - Indirect effects from changing competitive pressures, customer demands and regulation
  • Understand their significance in the context of the goals and strategy of the business
  • Determine the likely effects on the competitive dynamics of the sector and on key competitors, enabling a comparison to be drawn and allowing benchmarking of performance against competitors
  • Analysis of opportunities and risks
  • Financial, strategic and operational considerations
  • Calculation of carbon footprint can be included as part of operational assessment
  • Assess scope for improvements in operating efficiencies, reduction of energy costs or increased use of renewable energy sources
  • Scenario analysis - assess potential impacts resulting from a number of possible outcomes
  • Where there could be a high degree of direct physical impact from climate change we can provide data modelling services to quantify the potential impacts
  • Produce Climate Change Assessment Report

Strategic analysis

An internal strategic analysis would evaluate the level of strategic fit with the evolving operating environment through addressing a series of structured questions:

  • How vulnerable is the firm to loss of customers?
  • How well does the present strategy fit the key drivers of the future?
  • Where will the value in the industry be captured in the new environment?
  • How well do the firmís resource strengths and capabilities fit the new environment?
  • What are the possible new sources of competitive advantage?
  • Which opportunities and threats should be prioritised?
  • Does the existing business model need to be revised?
  • How is the company positioned versus competitors with regard to existing products and markets or new opportunities

Climate Change Assessment Report

Your Climate Change Assessment Report could include:

  • Summary of relevant science and resultant policy legislation
  • Assessment of corporate impacts
  • Overview of market impacts and competitor response
  • Assessment of key risks and commercial opportunities
  • Benchmarking of exposure and response to climate change
  • Recommended course of action - outline Climate Response Plan