Climate Response Plan

The Climate Response Plan represents a structured response to climate change. There are two aspects to this:

  1. Determine an appropriate strategic response to climate change in line with agreed best practice
  2. Implement the agreed plan for maximum commercial and reputational benefit

The scope of the response plan can be very broad:

  • Incorporate climate change into strategic decision-making and risk management processes
  • Strategic positioning to maximise the commercial benefits arising out of climate change
  • Ensure risk management processes are comprehensive
  • Adapt operations to achieve new operating efficiencies
  • Identify appropriate products and suppliers as appropriate
  • Convey the appropriate corporate message to staff, customers, suppliers and investors
  • Maximise marketing and PR benefits associated with strong corporate reputation
  • Ensure implementation is achieved in the most constructive and cost-effective manner
  • Can include an emissions management plan

Ongoing information and advice

Our climate management service includes the provision of succinct, relevant information to keep management and employees fully informed on key developments in climate change science, policy reaction and corporate response.