Since 2006 the issues of climate change and carbon emissions have been embraced by the public, the media and politicians. As a result there is considerable news, opinion and theory available, leading to many confused and inaccurate impressions of an already complicated issue.

Policy response to climate change and carbon emissions is also rapidly escalating and will lead to increasing changes to behaviour and lifestyle. This is already evident through congestion charging, parking fees, surcharges and home energy efficiency reports.

It is almost certain that the level of regulation and legislation regarding carbon emissions, renewable energy and energy efficiency will continue to increase at both national and local government levels. Climate Matters anticipates that mandatory restrictions on total carbon emissions by each household will be introduced within five years.

It is therefore important that people understand the issues and are in a position to take the most appropriate courses of action for them. Everyone will need to know their existing carbon footprint, understand the steps they can take to reduce net emissions or improve energy efficiency and know how they can achieve these steps most cost-effectively.

Climate Matters can help guide you through this important and confusing subject, identify and quantify its direct relevance to you and implement the most appropriate measures in response.

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“Climate Matters, because climate matters.”