Climate Matters Ltd was established in 2006 by Archie Gemmel, combining his knowledge gained over years of climate research with the associated commercial realities experienced during his career in the insurance industry, where the impacts of poor risk management and changing weather patterns are most keenly felt.

He has been involved with research into climate and climate change since his Undergraduate degree at London University 20 years ago, studying the evidence, impacts and changes over time.

Since 1991 he has been involved with the insurance industry, for most of that time as an Underwriter in Lloyd’s where his knowledge and passion for weather and climate have been instrumental in the risk underwriting process.

As a result he has great insight into the commercial importance of climate change for businesses in all industries.

  • 1988–1991 - Undergraduate degree at London University included a detailed study of UK climate and environmental change over the past 15,000 years
  • 1995–1997 - Involved with exploring the potential of weather derivatives in reducing the financial impacts of weather variability on businesses and consumers
  • 2002–2003 - MBA business research project carried out detailed research into the business impacts of climate change and the Kyoto Protocol. The study was awarded a distinction and drew many conclusions that are now becoming more widely acknowledged
  • 2003 – He led an underwriting team determining appropriate strategic response to opportunities and threats from climate change and has also been part of the insurance industry’s activities in anticipating and responding to the escalating social and financial implications of climate change
  • 2003 - Invited to represent the insurance industry as part of the RAB Financial Working Group, advising the Government on the role of the financial sector in achieving renewable energy targets
  • He is in the process of writing a book that provides a summary of the science and impacts of climate change, the resultant policy framework and the actions that can be taken by businesses or individuals in response