A different approach

There are two ingredients critical to the success of Climate Matters :

  • An understanding and passion for climate change
  • The ability to apply this to the business environment

Most attention surrounding climate change is directed at reducing the impacts of businesses on climate change. Climate Matters is more concerned with addressing the inverse relationship: the impacts of climate change on business.

  • We see it as a current issue, not a future one
  • We treat it as a commercial issue, not simply an environmental one
  • We are concerned as much about the opportunity as the threat
  • We consider it an issue involving competitive dynamics, not simply emissions management
  • We see the real solution as being about strategic adaptation, not about a zero carbon balance

Climate Matters places your business concerns first. We help you to understand the impact of climate change on your company and to take the necessary responses to safeguard your business and maximise your commercial position.

We also believe that with the positive correlation between commercial and environmental performance, this realistic approach will also prove most the effective in reducing the rate of climate change.